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Monday, 18 May 2020
Discord Won’t Open? Here’s The Solution

In this article, we discuss why won’t discord open

A sooner bizarre problem hunts Discord specified that upon launching the application fails to open or in few cases shows the classic grey Discord Not Opening window without any functionality.

The incredible minds at Discord have been scratching their lead in irritation at what is inflicting this with as this time of writing no underneath the hood answer on the horizon.

Therefore, We have compiled a list of fixes that will have Discord up and running in no time. Unluckily, as the root of the issue is unknowable, we can not tell for sure which one will be able to resolve it in your special case, so it is a matter of error and trial. Here is what to do Discord won’t open.

Terminate All Discord Services & Relaunch

Sometimes, a foregoing Discord session may not have shut down properly, leaving it more or less open in the background causing problems when you try to relaunch the application. To steps, close any remaining services linked to Discord. We also suggest doing this than try any of the other fixes below.

Step 1. Type Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard.

Step 2. choose “Task Manager” from the blue screen-backed options that appear.

Step 3. In this appear window Task Manager, see and click on Discord among the listed services under applications.

Step 4. Hit on the “End Task” button take in the footer right- hand corner of the Task Manager.

Step 5. Wait for the few seconds for services to terminate then open Discord again from the desktop icon or the Windows Start menu, depending on how you have it set up. previously launching Discord, we will ever recommend restarting the Computer and Windows for good action.

Check Windows Date/Time To Automatic

Here we have to unique Solution, but one that worked for a few people. see date and time and set Windows date/time manually info can interfere with Discord opening for causes that are fully unknown to us.

Step 1. Right Click on the time in the bottom right of the Windows task menu and choose “Adjust date/time”.

Step 2. In this appears “Date and time” windows, first, confirm “Set time automatically” option is to on.

Step 3. Restart the computer and start Discord.

Disable Proxies

Discord does not like VPNs and the like. As like, disable any proxies in your connection to an ISP is a sure-fire way to appear out the piping for Discord to open correctly. Here is how you go about doing just that:

Step 1. Right -hit on the Windows start menu and hit on search.

Step 2. In the search box, type Control Panel and choose the option with the same name from the appearing results.

Step 3. Select “Network and Internet” from the Control Panel options.

Step 4. Hit on “Internet options”.

Step 5. Next “Internet properties” Windows that appears, hit on the “Connections” tab in these options running along with the upside of the screen.

Step 6. Under the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” area, hit on “LAN Settings”.

Step 7. Next to LAN Settings appears, find the “proxy server” area and ensure the “Use a proxy server for your Local Area Network” option is unticked.

Step 8. Hit OK, then once more in the Internet Properties window. 

Step 9. Launch Discord.

If you want to understand all the details about “Discord Not Opening” please visit our website and flow the steps to solve the problem. If you stuck to do this “why won’t discord open” please contact Customer Support. A technician available 24/7 available in the help of the customer.

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